UltimateXR.Animation.Materials Namespace


Public classUxrAnimatedMaterial Component that allows to animate material properties.
Public classUxrAnimatedTextureFlipbook Component that allows to animate a material’s texture that contains multiple animation frames.
Public classUxrMaterialRenderQueue Component that changes the RenderQueue of a material. Changes will be applied at runtime.


Public enumerationUxrFlipbookAnimationMode The different animation modes available in UxrAnimatedTextureFlipbook
Public enumerationUxrFlipbookFinishedAction What should be done when a UxrAnimatedTextureFlipbook animation finished. This is only supported with SingleSequence.
Public enumerationUxrMaterialMode The material modes supported by UxrAnimatedMaterial. It can animate the object’s instanced material or all the objects that share the same material.
Public enumerationUxrMaterialParameterType Material parameter types that can be animated by UxrAnimatedMaterial.