UltimateXR.Locomotion Namespace


Public classUxrIgnoreTeleportDestination Tells teleporting components to ignore destinations that hang from the tree where the component is added.
Public classUxrLocomotion Base class for locomotion components. Locomotion components enable different ways for an UxrAvatar to move around the scenario.
Public classUxrParentAvatarDestination Component that tells an avatar should be re-parented to the GameObject whenever any locomotion takes the avatar to the object or any of its children. If a hierarchy contains more than a single UxrParentAvatarDestination, the closest object or parent upwards will be selected. Some components, such as UxrTeleportLocomotion, have a setting that controls the default behaviour ( ParentToDestination). The UxrParentAvatarDestination can in this case be used to override the default behaviour.
Public classUxrSmoothLocomotion Type of locomotion where the user moves across the scenario in a similar way to FPS video-games.
Public classUxrTeleportLocomotion Standard locomotion using an arc projected from the controllers.
Public classUxrTeleportLocomotionBase Base component for teleport locomotion.
Public classUxrTeleportSpawnCollider Component that, added to an object with colliders, allows to define volumes that force a fixed teleportation destination when they are hit with teleporting pointers (arc, ray, etc.).
Public classUxrTeleportTarget Component describing the visual representation of a teleport destination.
Public classUxrTeleportTargetMaterialID Component that allows to specify which material ID needs to be changed by an UxrTeleportTarget when different colors are used to indicate whether the teleport is currently valid or not.


Public enumerationUxrRaycastStepsQuality The number of raycasts to perform over a teleport arc to check where it intersects with the scene. Higher quality steps use more raycasts.
Public enumerationUxrReorientationType How the avatar can be reoriented when executing a teleportation.
Public enumerationUxrRotationType Enumerates the supported types of rotation around the avatar’s axis.
Public enumerationUxrTranslationType Enumerates the different types an avatar can teleport from one place to another.
Public enumerationUxrWalkDirection Enumerates the different options available to decide which direction the avatar will move when using locomotion components such as UxrSmoothLocomotion.