UltimateXR.Animation.IK Namespace


Public classUxrArmIKSolver IK component that implements basic Inverse Kinematics for an arm.
Public classUxrBodyIK Class that provides functionality to compute Inverse Kinematics for a humanoid body.
Public classUxrBodyIKSettings Stores parameters that drive Inverse Kinematics for full-body avatars.
Public classUxrCcdIKSolver Component that we use to solve IK chains using CCD (Cyclic Coordinate Descent). A chain is defined by a set of links, an effector and a goal. The links are bones that will try to make the effector reach the same exact point, or the closest to, the goal. Usually the effector is on the tip of the last bone. Each link can have different rotation constraints to simulate different behaviours and systems.
Public classUxrCcdLink Defines a link -bone- in an IK chain solved using CCD.
Public classUxrIKSolver Base IK Solver class. IK solvers should inherit from it and override the InternalSolveIK() method. Not all solvers need to be part of an avatar, but the UxrAvatarComponent<T> inheritance is used to be able to enumerate all the solvers that are part of an avatar.
Public classUxrWristTorsionIKSolver IK solver that distributes a wrist torsion among different bones in a forearm in order to smooth it out.


Public enumerationUxrArmOverExtendMode Enumerates the different solutions that can be used when an avatar with visible arms moves a hand farther than the actual length of the arm.
Public enumerationUxrArmSolveOptions Different clavicle options supported by SolveIKPass(UxrArmSolveOptions, UxrArmOverExtendMode) when clavicle data is present in the rig.
Public enumerationUxrCcdConstraintType Enumerates the different constraints of a CCD link.