UltimateXR.UI.UnityInputModule Namespace


Public classUxrCanvas Component that, added to a GameObject with a Canvas component, enables interaction using UxrFingerTip components or UxrLaserPointer components.
Public classUxrFingerTipRaycaster Raycaster compatible with Unity UI to use UxrFingerTip components on canvases, enabling touch interaction.
Public classUxrIgnoreCanvas Component that, added to a [!:GameObject] with a Unity [!:Canvas] component, will ignore it when the UxrPointerInputModule is set to automatically add UxrCanvas components that enable user interaction with UltimateXR. See AutoEnableOnWorldCanvases.
Public classUxrLaserPointerRaycaster Raycaster compatible with Unity UI to use UxrLaserPointer components on canvases, enabling interaction using laser pointers from a distance.
Public classUxrNonDrawingGraphic Graphic component that can be used together with UxrControlInput on a UI element that has no Graphic attached. It is useful to handle input on controls that need to graphic rendering, in order to save performance.
Public classUxrPointerEventData Event data class that adds information required by UxrPointerInputModule to facilitate the processing of UI interaction events.
Public classUxrPointerInputModule Input module for Unity that enables interaction in virtual reality using either touch gestures (via UxrFingerTip) or laser pointers (via UxrLaserPointer). Using AutoEnableOnWorldCanvases it is possible to automatically set up existing Unity canvases ( Canvas components), otherwise it is required to add a UxrCanvas component on each GameObject having a Canvas to enable interaction.


Public enumerationUxrInteractionType Enumerates the types of interaction supported.