UltimateXR.UI.UnityInputModule.Controls Namespace


Public classUxrControlInput A component derived from EventTrigger that simplifies the handling of events triggered by UI controls. Among the key benefits are:  
  • Be able to write UI code by subscribing to events generated by UI controls. Global static events are also provided to handle events coming from any control.
  • New controls with more complex behaviour can inherit from this class and add their own logic. Event triggers are provided so that handling events can be done by overriding the appropriate methods, making sure the base class is always called at the beginning. An example is UxrToggleControlInput.
  • Each UxrControlInput can specify the audio/haptic feedback for the click/down/up events.
Public classUxrToggleControlInput Type of UxrControlInput that implements toggle functionality.


Public delegateClickedEventHandler
Public delegateCursorEnteredEventHandler
Public delegateCursorExitedEventHandler
Public delegateDragEndedEventHandler
Public delegateDraggedEventHandler
Public delegateDragStartedEventHandler
Public delegateDroppedEventHandler
Public delegateInputSubmittedEventHandler
Public delegatePressedEventHandler
Public delegatePressHeldEventHandler
Public delegateReleasedEventHandler
Public delegateUpdateSelectedEventHandler