UltimateXR.Haptics.Helpers Namespace


Public classUxrFixedHapticFeedback Component that will send haptic feedback while enabled.
Public classUxrHapticImpactEventArgs EventArgs for events generated by a UxrHapticOnImpact component.
Public classUxrHapticImpactReceiver Base class for components that, added to an object, can receive notifications when a collider on the same object or any of its children gets hit with a UxrHapticOnImpact component.
Public classUxrHapticOnImpact Component that plays haptic clips on the VR controllers whenever certain points hit colliders. This enables to model haptic functionality like hitting walls with a hammer and similar.
Public classUxrManipulationHapticFeedback Component that, added to a grabbable object (UxrGrabbableObject), sends haptic feedback to any controller that manipulates it.