UltimateXR.Core Namespace


Public classUxrConstants Static class containing common constants used across the framework.
Public classUxrConstants.Geometry Geometry constants.
Public classUxrConstants.Hand Hand constants.
Public classUxrConstants.Paths Contains constants describing file paths in the framework.
Public classUxrConstants.Shaders Contains constants used in shaders such as variable names, keywords, values, etc.
Public classUxrConstants.UI Contains constants used in UI.
Public classUxrManager

Main manager in the UltimateXR framework. As a UxrSingleton it can be accessed at any point in the application through UxrManager.Instance . It can be pre-instantiated in the scene in order to change default parameters through the inspector but it is not required. When accessing the global UxrManager.Instance, if no UxrManager is currently available, one will be instantiated in the scene as the global Singleton.

UxrManager is responsible for updating all key framework entities such as avatars each frame in the correct order. Events and callbacks are provided so that custom updates can be executed at appropriate stages of the updating process.

UxrManager also provides commonly required functionality:  

  • Pre-caching prefabs when scenes are loaded to eliminate hiccups.
  • Moving/rotating/teleporting avatars.
  • Provide events to notify when avatars have been moved/rotated/teleported.
  • Provide events to notify before and after updating a frame and at different stages of the updating process for finer control.
Public classUxrTransform Stores transform information.
Public classUxrUtils


Public interfaceIUxrLogger Interface for all components that output log messages and want to provide a way to control the amount of information sent.


Public enumerationUxrHandSide Enumerates the available hands.
Public enumerationUxrLogLevel Enumerates the different log levels
Public enumerationUxrPostUpdateMode Enumerates where UxrManager updates the UxrAvatar post-update. Among elements processed in the post-update is the animation. See PostUpdateMode
Public enumerationUxrUpdateStage Enumerates the different update stages during a frame used by UxrManager events.