UltimateXR.CameraUtils Namespace


Public classUxrCameraDepthEnable Component added to a camera, enabling camera depth texture mode Camera. Depth texture mode is required for soft particles.
Public classUxrCameraFade Component added to a camera that allows to fade the rendered content to and from a color by using a fullscreen quad.
Public classUxrCameraWallFade Component added to a camera that enables to fade the camera to black whenever the user tries to stick the head inside geometry. It is used to prevent peeking through walls. It is also often consulted by UxrLocomotion components to check whether the avatar can move around in order to prevent cheating through walls.
Public classUxrIgnoreWallFade Added to a GameObject will tell the UxrCameraWallFade component to ignore any collision with it or any other GameObject that hangs from the tree.


Public enumerationUxrWallFadeMode Enumerates the different working modes for UxrCameraWallFade.