UltimateXR.Devices.Visualization Namespace


Public classUxrController3DModel Represents the 3D model of a VR controller. It allows to graphically render the current position/orientation and input state of the device.
Public classUxrControllerHand Component that represents a hand holding a VR controller. It allows to graphically render a hand that mimics the interaction that the user performs on a VR controller.
Public classUxrControllerHand.ObjectVariation Defines a GameObject variation in the different hands that are available in the component.
Public classUxrControllerHand.ObjectVariation.MaterialVariation Defines a Material variation in the different materials available for a hand GameObject.
Public classUxrElement Describes the properties of a VR controller input element.
Public classUxrFingerContactInfo Finger contact information. Stores information about where a finger touched a controller element.
Public classUxrMapControllerToHand UltimateXR has support for rendering avatars in ‘controllers mode’ (where the currently active controllers are rendered with optional hands on top) or full Avatar mode, where the actual visual representation of the user is rendered. ‘Controllers mode’ can be useful during tutorials or menus while the full Avatar mode will be used mainly for the core game/simulation. When we developed the big example scene we included a small gallery with all supported controllers so the user could grab and inspect them. But there was no link between the user input and how the hands and the controllers behaved (like the ‘controllers mode’). Since one of the coolest UltimateXR features is mapping user input to controllers and having IK drive the hands we also wanted to link the grabbing mechanics to this. In short, what we did was to add UxrControllerHand components to the regular avatar hands as well, and then at runtime link them to the currently grabbed controller and feed the avatar input. This way we are now able to not just grab to controller, but also see how the hand and the controller respond to the user input.


Public enumerationUxrElementType Enumerates the different input element types in a VR controller.