UltimateXR.Mechanics.Weapons Namespace


Public classUxrActor An actor in the Weapons module is an entity that can inflict and/or take damage.
Public classUxrDamageEventArgs Damage event parameters.
Public classUxrDeflectEventArgs Projectile deflection event parameters.
Public classUxrExplodeHierarchy Component that allows to explode a GameObject and all its rigidbody children. If the component is attached to a GameObject that also has a UxrActor component the explosion will be triggered when the actor dies. The explosion can also be called explicitly using Explode(GameObject, Single, Single, Single, Single) and ExplodeNow().
Public classUxrFirearmAmmoLabel Component that draws the ammo left in a firearm magazine.
Public classUxrFirearmMag A magazine that contains ammo for a UxrFirearmWeapon. Magazines can be attached to firearms using UxrGrabbableObject functionality.
Public classUxrFirearmWeapon Type of weapon that shoots projectiles. A firearm has one or more UxrFirearmTrigger entries. Each trigger allows to shoot a different type of projectile, and determines properties such as the shot cycle, shot frequency, ammunition, recoil and grabbing. A UxrFirearmWeapon requires a UxrProjectileSource component that defines the projectiles being shot. If a firearm has more than one trigger (for instance, a rifle that shoots bullets and has a grenade launcher), the UxrProjectileSource will require the same amount of entries in ShotTypes.
Public classUxrGrenadeWeapon Grenade weapon. A grenade inflicts explosive damage to UxrActor components.
Public classUxrImpactDecal Component that defines a decal generated as a result of the impact of a projectile.
Public classUxrMuzzleFlash Muzzle flash component for weapons that are firing shots.
Public classUxrNonDamagingImpactEventArgs Event parameters for projectile impacts that do not cause any damage to actors, such as impacts on the scenario or other elements.
Public classUxrOverrideImpactDecal Component that, added to a GameObject, will allows to override the decal generated by a projectile impact. When a projectile impact coming from an UxrProjectileSource hits anything, an UxrOverrideImpactDecal will be looked for traversing upwards in the hierarchy starting from the collider. If no UxrOverrideImpactDecal was found, the decal specified in the UxrProjectileSource component will be used.
Public classUxrProjectileDeflect Component that, added to a GameObject with a collider, will allow to deflect shots coming from UxrProjectileSource components.
Public classUxrProjectileSource Component that has the ability to fire shots.
Public classUxrShotDescriptor Class describing all the information of a type of projectile that a GameObject having a UxrProjectileSource component can shoot. Normally there will be a UxrFirearmWeapon with a UxrProjectileSource component supporting one or more UxrShotDescriptor. For example, a rifle with a grenade launcher attachment will be able to fire two types of projectiles: bullets and explosive grenades. UxrProjectileSource components, however, do not require to be part of a UxrFirearmWeapon and can be used on their own.
Public classUxrShotgunPump Component that, added to a GameObject with a UxrFirearmWeapon component, allows to communicate whenever the shotgun is reloaded using a pump action using a UxrGrabbableObject. The shot cycle in the firearm should be set to ManualReload.
Public classUxrWeapon Base class for weapons. Weapons are used by UxrActor components to inflict damage to other actor components.
Public classUxrWeaponManager Singleton manager in charge of updating projectiles, computing hits against entities and damage done on UxrActor components.


Public enumerationUxrDamageType Enumerates the different damage types that can be taken.
Public enumerationUxrGrenadeActivationMode Enumerates the different modes to activate a grenade.
Public enumerationUxrShotCycle Enumerates the supported firearm shot cycles.