UltimateXR.Guides Namespace


Public classUxrCompass Compass component that assists the user by giving visual hints to know where to look or the action to perform. It will show an arrow in front of the view that will help getting the target into sight. When the target gets into sight it can optionally show an action icon:  
  • Location: To let the user know where to move next
  • Grab: To let the user know an object should be grabbed
  • Look: To focus attention on an object
  • Use: To let the user know an operation should be performed on an object
Public classUxrCompassTargetHint

When attached to a GameObject, it will tell the UxrCompass where to point to. Otherwise the compass will always point to the GameObject’s transform. It can be used to highlight different spots depending on the UxrCompassDisplayMode.


Public enumerationUxrCompassDisplayMode Enumerates the different display modes for UxrCompass.