UltimateXR.Manipulation.HandPoses Namespace


Public classUxrHandDescriptor Stores base-independent node orientations for all fingers of a hand.
Public classUxrHandPoseAsset ScriptableObject that stores custom hand poses. Data is stored in a well-known axes system so that poses can be exchanged between different avatars.


Public structureUxrFingerDescriptor Stores base-independent node orientations for a finger.
Public structureUxrFingerNodeDescriptor Stores a bone’s right, up and forward vectors in local coordinates of its parent. Right, up and forward vectors will always point to this directions independently of how the transforms have been set up in order to guarantee poses can be reused by other hands that use a different coordinate system.


Public enumerationUxrBlendPoseType Enumerates the different poses in a blend pose.
Public enumerationUxrHandPoseType Enumerates the different pose types.