UltimateXR.Core.Components.Composite Namespace


Public classUxrAvatarComponent<T> Generic base class for components that are added to an UxrAvatar and we want to keep track of. It allows to enumerate components using static methods. This class could have instead inherited from UxrComponent<TP, TC> but we avoided this to not have redundancy between Avatar/Parent properties and methods.
Public classUxrGrabbableObjectComponent<T> Generic base class for components belonging to an object that also has a UxrGrabbableObject or in any of its parents. It allows to leverage some of the work related to accessing the UxrGrabbableObject component and processing the events without the need to subscribe or unsubscribe to them. Instead, events can be processed by overriding the different event triggers (OnXXX methods). The component has also all the benefits derived from UxrComponent.