UxrControllerHand Class

Component that represents a hand holding a VR controller. It allows to graphically render a hand that mimics the interaction that the user performs on a VR controller.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: UltimateXR.Devices.Visualization
Assembly: UltimateXR (in UltimateXR.dll) Version:



public class UxrControllerHand : UxrAvatarComponent<UxrControllerHand>

The UxrControllerHand type exposes the following members.


Public methodUxrControllerHand


Public propertyHand Gets the hand references.
Public propertyVariations Gets the hand variations, if there are any. Variations allow to provide different visual representations of the hand. It can be different objects and each object may have different materials.


Protected methodAwake Generates the internal list of fingers. (Overrides UxrAvatarComponent<T>.Awake().)
Public methodInitializeFromCurrentHandPose Initializes the component when the controller hand is dynamic, such as when used through an UxrAvatar that changes poses.
Protected methodOnDisable Disables the finger IK solvers. (Overrides UxrComponent<T>.OnDisable().)
Protected methodOnEnable Enables the finger IK solvers. (Overrides UxrComponent<T>.OnEnable().)
Protected methodReset Make sure the hand rig is allocated when the component is reset. (Overrides UxrComponent.Reset().)
Protected methodStart Initializes the fingers. (Overrides UxrComponent.Start().)
Public methodUpdateFinger Updates a given finger.
Public methodUpdateIKManually Allows to manually update the Inverse Kinematics of all fingers.

Extension Methods

Public Extension MethodCheckSetEnabled Enables/disabled the component if it isn’t enabled already. (Defined by MonoBehaviourExt.)
Public Extension MethodGetOrAddComponent<T> Gets the Component of a given type. If it doesn’t exist, it is added to the GameObject. (Defined by ComponentExt.)
Public Extension MethodGetPathUnderScene Gets the full path under current scene, including all parents, but scene name, for the given component. (Defined by ComponentExt.)
Public Extension MethodGetSceneUid Gets an unique identifier string for the given component. (Defined by ComponentExt.)
Public Extension MethodGetUniqueScenePath Gets an unique path in the scene for the given component. It will include scene name, sibling and component indices to make it unique. (Defined by ComponentExt.)
Public Extension MethodLoopCoroutine Creates a coroutine that simplifies executing a loop during a certain amount of time. (Defined by MonoBehaviourExt.)
Public Extension MethodSafeGetComponentInParent<T> Gets the Component of a given type in the GameObject or any of its parents. It also works on prefabs, where regular GetComponentInParent(Type, Boolean) will not work: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/getcomponentinparent-is-returning-null-when-the-gameobject-is-a-prefab (Defined by ComponentExt.)
Public Extension MethodShowInInspector(Boolean)Overloaded.
Controls whether to show the current object in the inspector. (Defined by ObjectExt.)
Public Extension MethodShowInInspector(Boolean, Boolean)Overloaded.
Controls whether to show the current object in the inspector and whether it is editable. (Defined by ObjectExt.)
Public Extension MethodThrowIfNull Throws an exception if the object is null. (Defined by ObjectExt.)

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