Windows Mixed Reality

Installing and setting up SteamVR support

Open Edit -> Project Settings and enable Open XR support. You may get a warning to activate the new input system. Select Yes.

After enabling Open XR support go to the OpenXR settings and add the Microsoft Motion Controller Profile.

You will now have support for the standard Microsoft Motion Controllers.

Adding support for HP Reverb G2

To add support for the HP Reverb G2 headset you need to install the Mixed Reality Feature tool:

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder and run the MixedRealityFeatureTool.exe.

Click Start.

Choose the project folder and click Discover Features.

Only select the Mixed Reality Open_XR Plugin and click Get Features. The content will be downloaded.

Click Import, then Approve and Exit.

Back in Unity you should now be able to install the HP Reverb G2 Controller Profile.