Installing and setting up WaveXR support

Switch to Android using File -> Buid Settings.

Open the UltimateXR SDK Manager using the menu Tools -> UltimateXR -> SDK Manager. Click Get SDK under the Wave XR section. This will open the link to install WaveXR support.

The required step is adding a new scoped registry to get access to Vive packages. Go to Edit -> Project Settings and add the following scoped registry:

If the information was added correctly, you should now be able to open the Package Manager using Window -> Package Manager. Select My Registries and under the HTC Corporation install the following packages:

  • Vive Wave XR Plugin
  • Vive Wave XR Plugin – Essence

Open Edit -> Project Settings and enable the Wave XR plugin in both Android and Desktop.

You should now be able to create Android builds targeting the WaveXR platform.

For more information on WaveXR development in Unity check https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-wave/tutorials/