Sample scene

Once UltimateXR has been installed and the integration for your headset has been completed, it’s a good idea to start by opening the sample scene. The sample scene can be found in UltimateXR/Examples/Fullscene and showcases many cool features supported by the framework. It will help you understand how virtual reality mechanics are created by looking at a fully working project.

And it is optimized for mobile headsets!

Getting to know how everything works will take some time. The scene itself is the result of many iterations, testing and polishing. We have spent a big amount of time on it, and we don’t expect you to learn everything in one go :)

New features will be added every now and then to showcase new mechanics, so keep an eye on every update!

For now it is targeting the more flexible Universal Render Pipeline (URP), but we plan to add support for other pipelines really soon.